Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"The Wedding" - Part 1 - farm shop, reception hall?

Hello, Hello!!  It's been a crazy few weeks around here as we were finally able to finish our farm planting and start sprucing up the place to get ready for our daughter's wedding.  A year of planning and in one day it's over!! But WOW, what an awesome day!  We are thrilled to add another son-in-law to our family!  Please oblige and enjoy with us as we share Part One of "The Wedding"!

Our farm shop became the reception hall.  The walls are quite high so to keep the echoing at a minimum, we purchased some parachutes from our neighbors, the Martin's - (thanks guys!) and put them up using several hands, a forklift and a lift (that we borrowed from Anderson Electric - thanks Tyler! - by the way we still owe you?!) and we had a parachute ceiling. Cool, I say!

The tables, chairs, linens and backdrops arrived in a rain storm (thankful for a large shop door!).  The guys from Geyer Rental (you rock!) had everything we requested and unloaded in record time and off we were to decorate and turn a farm shop into a wedding venue that the newlyweds-to-be had envisioned.

"Ta-dah" and a wedding reception it is!

Danielle (the bride,) her sisters and I spent different times throughout the past year working on decorations for the reception.  It was fun to be crafting together and the results were fabulous!

We have to admit that Pinterest played a big part of the idea process, actually too many ideas.  We all had boards for the wedding, but it was neat to know that we had many of the same things "pinned' to our boards.
Table Centerpieces

An old ladder that we found in the garage served as a great place to display photos of Danielle and Aaron. The crocheted doilies that were made by Danielle's great-grandma Sarah many years ago, found a special place as well and added that family personal touch!

We loved taking some old bulletin boards and a display board and turning them into chalkboards.  Note: Buy yourself some chalkboard paint and just paint away.  The paint will soak into a bulletin board, so you'll have to do a couple of coats, but it works so cool!

Godmother/Aunt Deb created the awesome old window decoration that was used for a bridal shower and we borrowed to use for the reception.  It worked perfectly for the guestbook and gift table. (Thanks Deb!) Danielle and Aaron also had another great place to share photos of their special times together!  The kids (that's what we call them! hee-hee) wanted people to share marriage advice as their guestbook.  They will be placing the sentiments written into a scrapbook along with their wedding day photos.
Another great Pinterest idea!

Everyone loved the candy bar that Danielle and Aaron created.  They choose their favorite candies from their childhood and today.  The old dresser worked great for the "counter".  It was defiinitely a hit!

Don't you just love the pictures of the "kids" when they were little!!

How can you not "LOVE" using the large paper mache' letters.....they work so wonderful to fill in odd places, like this window well for instance!

**Thanks to Tom and his team from Zens Creative Catering for the most delicious meal. Thanks also to Elden's Foods/Bakery  for making the cupcakes - YUMMY!!

A big thanks to Mahrie and staff from Backroads Steakhouse for the cocktails, appetizers, BBQ's and keeping everyone in good spirits (literally) throughout the evening.  Thanks also to Karl and his son from Multiple Choice DJ  for the super music - everyone loved it!!
**ALL of you are AMAZING and we highly recommend you!

A very special thanks to our family for everything you helped us do for this special day. You all mean the world to us and we couldn't have made it be what it was without you!!

We were so thrilled with everything and how it turned out.  We told the kids that when we built a farm shop that they could use it for a wedding reception.  We really never thought they would take us seriously, but how fun for everyone!   Watch later this week for "The Wedding" Part 2 - farmyard, wedding chapel?

Hugs- Julie


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