Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Wedding - Part 2 - Cattle yard turned wedding chapel?

I'm back, promising photos from Part 2 of  "The Wedding" and we'll be sharing about the wedding site in our yard, actually our old cattle yard.  I'm hearing... "what?"...well, it was a cattle yard a couple of decades ago.  Yes, we really did have cattle in this area.  The cows, the bunk and the silos are gone, but the shed in the background is the "chapel" that served as the site for Danielle and Aaron's wedding!

It is really a pretty place in our yard and was quite beautiful for an outdoor wedding spot!  Danielle and Aaron had intended to use the corn field as a backdrop for their wedding but the corn was only a few inches high so it was decided that it wouldn't have made the cut for nice wedding pictures.  I'm sure that Great Grandpa and Grandma Satterlie (who lived here first) would have never thought that one day a wedding would take place in the yard, especially where the cattle use to hang out!

Once again, pinterest reigned and great ideas were formed about how to create a wedding place.  I remembered that I had two crocks (from the quilt shop days) that would work perfect to hold pots of flowers.  Randy had fashioned some shepherd hooks from re bar metal and they became a wonderful hanger for some gorgeous hanging baskets.

An aisle or should we say, path was inviting with hooks holding hanging canning jars filled with fresh flowers.

Danielle and Aaron love camping and campfires so they wished to use logs in their wedding decor.  We scavenged some from Grandpa Kay. Grandma Judy designed more canning jars filled with baby's breath that were placed on the logs to soften and add a bit of romance to the day.

Besides the shed (chapel), the other oldest building in our yard is the chicken coop.  Yes, it also used to house chickens and even after we bought the farm from Randy's grandparents, we continued to have laying hens and sell eggs.  Gratefully, the shed is now used as a catch all and no more chickens live in it or ever will again...don't ask...HAHA!  (and I'm really not joking - I love eating chicken and eggs, end of story on that!)
Sorry, had to vent a minute......the chicken coop made a really great place to write with chalk and in fact as I write this today, it's still there (even after all the rain we've had!)

One thing that I really wanted for the "kids" wedding were signs that made a love story.  Of course I had seen the idea on "you know where" and the fact that Danielle loves to read (an understatement), it was appropriate to create that for her wedding.  I found some old boards in a shed.  I wrote in paint marker "Once...upon a time....two people....fell in love....and happiness....ever after.....starts here!"  Randy screwed them crookedly (on purpose) to stakes and we placed them down our driveway!  Yep, maybe a little redneck, but we loved it!

We have enjoyed all the comments we've received from "The Wedding" Part One.  Several of you have suggested that we start a business.  First of all, we appreciate the very kind words, but no way is that going to be happening.  We'd love to give people ideas, hence this blog, but we were our own bridezilla, mom and her sisters...hee-hee!  No really, we all worked great together.  Once in awhile, we'd have a "arrh" moment but what mom and sisters don't - right?  It was truly a wonderful experience.  Secondly,  no one could afford us, because the moments we spent together were priceless and how do you place a value on that?

We look forward to sharing "The Wedding" - Part Three.  The actual day and event itself, once the photographers have worked their magic on the hundreds of pictures they took.  We found a fun online site to place photos, words and music together to create a slide show and God willing, we'll set that up and blog away!  Till we chat again....

Hugs- Julie


  1. What a wonderful location ... and terrific ideas! Good job Girls!

  2. You really deserve credit for the creativity you’ve shown in turning a cattle yard to a wedding venue. The ideas you’ve used are so simple yet very effective, the place looks quite beautiful already. I’m planning to get married soon, and though I don’t have a yard to myself, I will definitely be searching for some of the best outdoor wedding venues.