Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Decade of a Project!

I thought I would just have some fun today picking on myself in your presence.

It was a mere 10 years ago that I started this project.  I fondly call it my "devil decade of a project".  This project traveled to many retreat locations.  Many times not even taken out of the car, but was along "just in case" I ran out of projects! (okay, I hear you laughing now...)  It's not that the project was hard, just time consuming (obviously!!)   What is this project you ask?.....

Let's start at the beginning.  In 2004, a lovely lady by the name of Lynette Jensen, creator of Thimbleberries, designed
Hometown Christmas by Thimbleberries 2004
Hometown Christmas patterns and the coordinating fabrics.  I was thus enticed to take part in the kits offered by Common Threads Quilt Shop.  My intention was to work on Hometown Christmas diligently as I received each portion of the quilt.  I did great at first, completing two parts of one of the segments.  I was on a roll, yes, I could see this quilt laying on my bed for the holiday season.....visions of sugarplums danced in my head.....(that's an understatement).  I'm not sure exactly where I fell off the bed wagon dreaming of this fantasy?

Once completed, this is what the quilt should look like!
What do I mean by "should" look like? I decided that enough was enough of very unlike Lynette, I only put two borders on.  I agree that the log type border and the applique is very stunning, was time my granddaughter would sing... "let it go, let it go!

So a decade later, I'm most proud to say, that it is DONE in my version and off to my quilter it goes - thanks in advance Holly of Just Spoolin Around Long Arm Quilting.

AND thanks for picking on me, with me!  It was worth the laughs!!

~hugs~ Julie

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