Who is Kaelly anyway?

Welcome to Kaelly Studio, I'm Julie Satterlie.  My hubby and I raise corn and soybeans in West Central Minnesota as third generation farmers.  I created this blog to share the life I always imagined.  I love to craft, cook, travel, and spend time with my family.  Speaking of family, I'm the mother to three wonderful girls and a grandmother to an energetic little girl (more soon?).  All of these passions and people make up Kaelly Studio, the place where life, creativity, and fun happens.  In fact, Kaelly is the combination of my three daughters' names...KAtie, DaniELle, and HolLY.

Katie, the entrepreneur, owns her own business Out and Aboat, is a freelance web designer, helps with my blog, and on the farm.  She always said she would never be a farmer, but she's the closest to being one out of the three girls.

Danielle, the bookworm, is a Registered Nurse at the local hospital and is newly engaged.  Growing up Danielle was always the worrier, I'm not really sure how she got into nursing, but she's the best one ever!   I'm hoping we can steal her away from her job this winter to join us in some crafting time.

Holly, the homemaker, is the wife of a dairy farmer and the only mom of the three.  She has her own long-arm quilting business, Just Spoolin' Around, that she is able to do from home.  She gets to do what she loves with who she loves everyday!

The girls live within a 30 mile radius of the farm.  Family get-togethers are not difficult to plan and Grandpa Randy and I get to see our granddaughter a lot...what grandparent wouldn't love that!?!?!  This blog is a collection of adventures, crafting, recipes, farming, quilting, and more...all the things we love to do with our family.

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