Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Hanging out" with some pretty cool ladies!

Twice a month, I have the wonderful opportunity to "hang out" with a bunch of very inspiring ladies, doing one of the things I love in the crafting world - stitchery.  For the most part, everyone is working on a different type of stitchery project, whether it be wool, embroidery, applique, cross stitch, hardanger or sewing on quilt bindings, all hands are busy!

JoAnn, her wonderful smile and her fun applique and stitchery
Velma (at least her hands) and her gorgeous wool applique

We talk, laugh, cry, eat, and share our lives with each other.  Everyone has a different story to tell, but our common story is that we share a love of crafting and best of all, friendship.

Carol's awesome cross stitching

Throughout the next few months, you are going to meet these ladies on a more personal level, as they share their passions with their crafts.  I'm telling you, these ladies are VERY talented and I am VERY honored to be a part of such an awesome group.  (they let me in because I bring snacks!) - all kidding aside, I get giddy for the 2nd and 4th Monday's to come on the calendar because I know what's in store.......a super great day!

Norma's wool stitchery project
Hardanger apron modeled by Judy
I can't wait for you to know these ladies too!

P.S.  Thanks Carol for letting us "hang out" at your house!

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  1. OMGosh Good Golly! What inspiration! I am so looking forward to meeting these amazing women through your blog!