Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boring life?

Recently, someone asked me "how's life?" and I replied by saying "My life is kind of boring, and I like it that way!"  By boring, meaning that nothing challenging or unexpected is going on and that is good!  So, boring has also led to that fact that I don't think I do anything exciting or magical on a daily basis so what is there to blog about......and I want to blog about my life and my passions not someone else' unfortunately with my boring life I had nothing to say last week....BUT I had a revelation, if I turn my "boring life" into a story well than, we have a best seller!  (probably not!)  Isn't that what blogging is all about - telling about your life, interests, passions and yes - even "boring" moments in a journal, diary type, story?

Have you ever ridden in a taxi cab in Mexico?  The driver goes, well, let's use the phrase "like a bat out of h _ _ _", up over the curb, going through a stop sign (he said "I'll stop two times tomorrow") and screeches to a halt in front of the border crossing where we had parked our car and walked into the city (why didn't we walk back?!?).  Well, this is how I felt in my responsibility this past week as the "taxi" driver delivering guys from truck to truck,  field to field.  Now, I didn't drive over curbs, but over hard packed tractor ruts.  I didn't blow through stop signs, but almost blew a tire and I didn't intentionally screech to a  halt, but that happens when you let your foot off the shift pedal when driving a stick shift vehicle, when in gear!  Okay, life, not so boring......

Like my ride, I mean taxi...and yes, those are flames on the side!

When my husband would ask me "what day is it today?" I'd give him that look that said "how can you not know what day it is?"  This last week, I asked myself, "what day is it?"  You see, to a farmer, it doesn't matter what day it is, the work needs to get done. The sun comes up, sun goes down, job gets done.....start over.  Whether it's Tuesday or Sunday or Thursday - no matter,  the world needs food!  Once again, life, not so boring....

So, if someone asks me "how's life and whatcha been up too?" I'm going to say "It's GREAT and I've been providing transportation to people who feed the world" How's that for "boring"?  Hmmmm....I'm thinking a pay raise!

Living a boring life...and lovin' it!

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