Friday, October 4, 2013

Blessings on me.....sharing what I love.....crafting with my family!

Lately, I've been having a bit of  "I need a new creative vise". I've been working on a quilt pattern for the studio for awhile and a break from sewing was in order.  (Did I just say that....."a break from sewing"? my quilt shop owner days, I would have LOVED to have said that - what I usually said was "can I please sew now?", what a change!) So.....out with the crafts!

"Notice the sad face on the left?"
Yesterday, I invited my favorite a "creative day" at my house.  I set up three different projects that we worked on.   A "congrats" card and two different Halloween treat packages.  We had a blast, even Danielle, who admits that she's not much of a crafting person.  She showed us.... as she was the first one to post our crafting day on Facebook!  (I think she's a bit hooked into the crafting scene now - just don't tell her, it will be our secret..shhhh)

The projects we created!!!
Treats in the packages  -  even stamped the tissue paper!

One very important thing to remember when crafting with family, is that you include ALL family - that means, in our case, our 2 3/4 year old granddaughter.  She wanted to "I do too"!  I set up a work spot for her with her own paper, stamps and ink.  (You can use old paper, construction type, old/used stamp sets and really, what's an ink pad cost when you get a very happy, little girl - it's priceless.)

"Not sad anymore, she just wanted to share the ink pad with her Mom!"

The crafting adventure was not only a time to have fun creating some very useful items, but the time we shared together was above all else, the best part of the day! In fact, when hubby/dad/grandpa came in to join us for lunch, he said "ahhh, lunch with all my girls", who says that isn't more priceless!!

Having fun inside on this rainy day...


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