Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's been too long....

Yesterday my husband asked me "what's up with the fall decorating?"  First of all, HE NOTICED!! and second of all, I hadn't had fun making "pretty things" in the yard for many years.  Oh, it wasn't that I didn't decorate, it's just that I didn't decorate here, at my home/farm.  The quilt shop was always dressed in seasonal fashion and since that's where I seemed to spend the majority of my time, I never decorated at home.  I am not a professional decorator by even the definition of the occupation, but I do enjoy putting things together and making my yard look a bit like I care!

The fun part was hunting for items that I already owned to be a part of my design.  The wrought witch was found hiding out in our old chicken coop and was glad to see daylight!  The weathered green bench came from a neighbor's auction sale.  The sun faded little quilt was headed for the trash, but was saved to spend it's time outside instead of inside and remember the baby ladder (purchased at the fun shop in Lindstrom, MN that I shared with you), it looks pretty good in my rock corner, fashioned with several fall items. The crazy tent in the background is our "redneck" way of having a gazebo.  Since, we try to sit outside once in awhile here in Minnesota, it becomes nearly impossible with the mosquitoes, so we bought a screen tent and placed it on top of our deck.  Actually, it is a clever solution to being able to sit outside without spending a ton of money, but this is the second one we've had and I think it's time to build a real gazebo!

My front door is never used, in fact if you entered my home that way, you would be inside a room I use as a closet.  On the outside, it always looks so forlorn and in need of something, so my harvest sign works just right next to a beautiful arrangement from Colorful Seasons (website to be coming soon) that I just had to have.

You may be laughing at my silly designs and decorating, but it sure is fun to look outside or walk around the yard and see that yes, someone does care!  Even my husband- go figure!

Enjoying another beautiful day here on the farm!

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