Thursday, September 26, 2013

A thrifty project!

What is the definition of "thrifty".  The Webster dictionary's version is: to imply industry and clever management of one's money or resources, usually so as to result in some savings.  OUR idea of "thrifty" sort of follows that as in the clever way we use something that we were maybe going to throw out and now we're saving to use in a different way - like the new craze of re-purposing.

In cleaning up the toy room, I accidentally pushed a scrabble game off the shelf and (you got it) lettered tiles were everywhere.  We never use this scrabble board game anymore because we have the modern version of the scrabble board that rotates.  So, the light bulb, that makes an appearance above my head from time to time, went off and the creative juices started flowing.  (yup, this is where I quit cleaning and started crafting......again!) Instead of throwing away this old game......

I had remembered a cute scrabble tile/tray picture frame in a magazine from awhile back and thought "I can do that! So, gathering up the pieces, I set out to spell words that I would want to use with some pictures.

Items to gather to create the Scrabble tile/tray picture frame are:

Scrabble tiles
Scrabble tile tray
E6000 glue
(2) Popsicle sticks (only 1 in photo)
Magnets (sorry not in the photo)

Love and Family are two important words in my life, so I laid out the letters to spell those words first. 

 I sanded down the edges of the letter tiles where they would be glued together to form the words.  (It is not necessary to sand down the beginning or ending of the word).  I found an emery board file in my closet, hunted out the E6000 glue from the basement storage room, a Popsicle stick (ate the Popsicle to get the stick - no, not really, I had some, but a person sure could do that!) and started creating.

Lay out your letters, with sanded edges (where the glue will be) and glue together.  I would do two letters together at a time, dry for a few minutes and than glue the whole word together.

I took two Popsicle sticks (yep, you'll have to eat two!) and placing the letters between the sticks, I could position them straight.

Let the newly formed word set for 30 minutes or until completely dry.  NOTE:  If glue gets pushed out between the letters, take the Popsicle stick and gently wipe the glue off.  Once the glue is dry, you can very lightly sand any glue residue off.

And Ta-Dah you have a great, fun picture frame.  I DID NOT glue the word to the scrabble tray because the picture would not fit right.  Also, by just placing the glued together word in front of the picture, you can change it out very easily.  Also, you could paint the tiles and tray to match any decor you have.  I prefer to leave it the original way, it seems more "re-purposed" or "thrifty" that way!

While I was deep in craft mode, from the corner of my eye, I spied two pictures on my refrigerator, one of my hubby with our granddaughter and one with me and the sweetest, most adorable, the cutest one (yeahhh-Grandma).  Another light bulb moment and I thought "magnets".  Back to the basement store room to find magnets that I was pretty sure I had and glued them on to the back of my other two important words "Grandpa" and "Grandma" and newbies now adorn my refrigerator.

Have fun creating any type of scrabble tile project that you find, this one or several others from the Internet or invent your own - the possibilities are endless in your "light bulb" head!  P.S.  Cost of the project for me - FREE and PRICELESS!


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