Friday, September 20, 2013

On Farming Friday....

Last week I invited myself along to attend Big Iron with my husband.  I'm pretty sure he was thinking - "really, you want to go?"  I had never been and I know it's a big deal, at least it is in North Dakota, as the show is in West Fargo. I listen to KFGO, a pretty good ag radio station  from time to time and they sure made it sound like a big deal, so it was time to check it out.

I must say, my husband was right in saying "really?"  I have to admit that even though I profess to be an "Awesome Farm Girl", the whole adventure to Big Iron was not all that exciting for me.  Now, before you start to analyze my position and give me a hard time, in my defense, I stayed at the show the whole time with my husband.  (Even though, I was thinking seriously about abandoning him and going to the mall!)

 All joking aside, Big Iron is what it is - really large amounts of really big iron equipment.  Frankly, if you are in the farm market and you can't find what you are looking for at Big Iron, you just plain don't need it, because they had EVERYTHING you could imagine for the farm and than some.  There was a craft show in the adjacent Bonanzaville area that I checked out which was more my taste!

Even though I tired of looking at equipment, equipment, equipment, I did find a couple of interesting items that were pretty darn cool.  The 80 foot field cultivator was quite impressive.  The salesman said  "You can get 80 acres done in an hour"  Whoa - that's amazing!  (The price wasn't listed - imagine that!)

If you need to tile, please ask for the pink tile from Prinsco.  Cancer awareness - treatments and cures - have a special place in my heart after losing my Dad to pancreatic cancer 2 1/2 years ago, so I was really touched by their way of sharing hope!

Since I do have a bucket list and Big Iron was on it, I can now cross it off - mission accomplished (forever!)

Still lovin' farming!!

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