Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harvest 2013 has begun!

It's the end of September and we're finally in the field.  This is the event of the year for a crop farmer - HARVEST!  All your hopes come to light as you start the harvesting process and count your blessings that there is a crop to combine and you can be a part of feeding the world!

As we've been following the crop growth throughout the last few months, it's noted that we started out with good moisture and mild temps.  From the 4th of July through the first part of August, we received very trace amounts of rain and the temps were HOT!  This is where a farmer knows that he is truly the caretaker of God's land and puts it all in His hands.

Since we've only harvested three fields, we're not completely sure what the average overall yield will be, but we know it's not a bin buster - darn!?!  The guys just say "it's okay".  When we're done with all the fields, bins measured and elevator bushel tickets added, I'll know what "okay" is and how much we have to sell.  This is the risk part of our business.  Our crop yield is an unknown, so we are careful to manage our risks by our input costs and our marketing skills (which we work on daily!)

The soybean plants don't look so great when it's time to harvest.  When our niece was old enough to drive an ATV, she would drive around and around their farm.  One day she ventured out into the soybean field next to their house.  When her Dad asked her "why were you driving around in the bean field?" , she just simply replied, "it's okay Dad, they're dead anyway!" We still laugh about that every harvest, because she was right, they do look dead.  (You're right, we won't let her forget that!)

Driving a combine these days is supposed to be easier with all the new technology, but seriously, a joystick! and computer screen!  It's no wonder that the younger age can handle things a whole lot better, they are used to playing video games and being in front of a computer.  Yes, I'm putting an age on us, but we are learning and isn't that suppose to keep you young - well, we should be really young with all the learning we're doing. HA-HA!  It is neat though, the crazy things even make noises like computer games!  Geez!

Obviously, my learned hubby has mastered the computer and joystick because the beans are going in the hopper....

and into the auger....

and into the grain cart.  Job well done!

Still lovin' farming!!

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