Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Spoolin' Around

Just Spoolin' Around machine quilting lives here in our studio.  Owner, Holly Thoennes (also the "ly" in Kaelly) is the quilter for all our projects.

Holly uses a Gammill Statler quilting machine.  A majority of the time she uses the computerized option which is the Statler's trademark.  For this particular project she is doing a combination of computer guided and free motion quilting, which means that she is guiding the machine, not the computer.

Speaking of this particular project, Holly is quilting our next FREE pattern - It's Electric!.  This fun pinwheel and block pattern comes from a love of creating pinwheels (so easy with the half-square sewing method or with pre-cut triangles) and easily constructed bordered blocks.  We will be sharing this new pattern in a few days, so go to the website and check it out.

When we are creating patterns, sometimes the fabric speaks to us with a pattern name and sometimes we find something on our travels that we think would make a fun project.  It's Electric came about by visiting family in Iowa.  We travel down Highway 75 which brings you through the hills of southern Minnesota.  The very first time we had ever seen wind towers was on this stretch of highway.  The giant propellers (and they are HUGE!) just reminded us of pinwheels each and every time we saw them, we knew that they would have be featured in some type of quilted project. (Today, there are many wind towers around the country - I can even see some from my farmhouse that are about 20 miles away!)

With Holly's busy schedule of machine quilting for Kaelly Studio, being a wife to dairy farmer hubby and Mom to 2 year old Parker, she would LOVE to transform your quilt tops into quilted projects to be used, cherished and shared with generations!  Check out examples of her work HERE on Facebook.

Happy Quilting, Julie


  1. =) I'm totally creeping on your whole blog! :)

  2. Creep away! And invite your friends, but not your creepy friends. :) J/K