Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out and Aboat (that's not a typo)

When I moved back home from Texas I found that most of my hometown friends had gotten married and were having children.  Since I was single and "ready to mingle", I found it difficult to figure out what to do on the weekends or find a fun place for a couple drinks.  Of course, there aren't many nightlife spots around here, but what I found irritating is that I couldn't find out what was happening (live music, karaoke, drink specials, etc.).  The idea of creating one place online that all of this information could be found started blossoming.

Last summer, when we decided to close the quilt shop and pursue other passions, Mom gave me the opportunity to make my little idea become real.  She became my sole investor and encouraged me to make it happen!  OutandAboat.com was launched on May 1st!  Out and Aboat is a play on words and the "silly" way Minnesotans say "about".  Now, most Minnesotans will argue "that's the way Canadians say it, not Minnesotans", but living in Texas for two years, I beg to differ.

Out and Aboat features daily drink and food specials, live and DJ'd music schedules, local events, and a restaurant/bar guide.  Simply choose the day you're going out and find a list of restaurants that have specials that day.  It is "the Lakes Area's source for what's happenin" in Alexandria and surrounding areas.  We also have a Facebook page (HERE) where we can let people knows what's going on and also give clues to the whereabouts of Morton, our mascot.

Morton the Moose was "born" at a bar/restaurant when he was won from a claw game.  He became the mascot when we realized he liked to go out as much as the next guy.  Morton makes it "out and aboat" twice a month.  If you find Morton you can sign up to win a gift card to an area restaurant.  He's such a giving guy!

If you live in the Lakes Area please "like" our Facebook page and be sure to check the website weekly for updates.

I appreciate everyone's support in my new venture,
~ Katie ~

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