Tuesday, April 16, 2013

She's back....

Hello, I'm back! What a great trip my hubby and I were on.  We visited our good friend Kaye and stayed at her and her husband's beautiful home in Las Vegas - Thanks Kaye! We enjoyed a couple of days downtown on Fremont Street (it's definitely worth a trip!).  Didn't win big at the slots (um.... because we don't put any money in the machines) BUT we did finally decide to spend our "sold the motorcycle" money and bought an older convertible - FUN!  We drove to Palm Desert, CA to visit more good friends, Sid and Bonnie and were treated to a tour of their winter "resort" AMAZING!  Thanks Sid and Bonnie! The rest of our journey was spent with my Mom in Arizona, helping her out with a few things and soaking up all the sun we could. (I think I could get used to snowbird winters!) Even though we weren't able to bring the warmth home with us (Sorry!), we are glad to be home working in our shop and studio!

Back in the designing mode and we're going to have fun with winter - STILL! - if you can't laugh about the December, I mean April weather, well.....just laugh!

Upon returning from our winter getaway, I discovered a very nice Moda flannel fabric with layer cakes and charm packs.  How could these be forgotten behind the door? I do believe in divine intervention so I know I was purposely suppose to "trip" on these fabrics.  See, God is laughing too! We are going to be designing a VERY QUICK project using all the above into a fun lap quilt.  We will have some kits available to purchase on our etsy site and everything will be pre-cut!  Yep - just order the kit and when it arrives, take your goodies out of the box and start sewing it all together - NO CUTTING REQUIRED!!!  We'll keep you posted on the FREE pattern for this project and the price of the kit in a few days.  Talk again soon, now on to the sewing....

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