Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Time!

We decided to take some time from designing to spend with our family.  We took off for St. Paul (as we call it "the cities") to see Tornado Alley that was playing at the Science Museum  Our family is intrigued with storm weather and Bill Paxton is the narrator in the film so it was a must!

The museum not only has a wonderful IMAX theatre BUT just about everything else you can do and see is interactive.  Parker had a blast on the musical stairs (each step plays a different note-cool!). She also created her own design on the large spirograph machine.

Oh, are you wondering who Miss Parker is?  She is our precious granddaughter who basically rules all our worlds!  It was so much fun watching her enjoying all the "science".  It actually takes you back to the first time you experienced new things!  How great to be a kid!

We finished the day by enjoying a burger at a local restaurant just down the street from the museum. Burger Moe's has great food and their patio was open.  YES!  Spring has arrived!!  Whoo Hoo!

It was a fantastic day!  (we were even inspired with some new pattern ideas........)

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