Thursday, April 4, 2013

Borders are our friends

We have a discussion from time to time about borders on quilts and what is deemed "acceptable".  The question some people struggle with: do the borders have to be the same widths on all sides.  Our answer is "no".  Sometimes you really like a quilt pattern but the size isn't right maybe you want it longer or you change up the borders.

A perfect example is our Carry Out Geometric kit using our Carry Out pattern.  I really liked the fabric and wanted to use it in the guest bedroom in my farm house.  Since I have three daughters it was definitely decorated for a girl, the walls are painted a soft yellow.  This guestroom gets used mainly by a good friend who comes to the farm to help us out and by using the yellow, gray and black fabrics, it looks guy friendly.

The problem was that our Carry Out pattern size is 85" x 96" to fit a queen bed and I have two long twin yep, you guessed it, I changed up the borders.  I used a wider border on the top and bottom of the quilt and narrower borders on the side.  It worked!  Yeah, the normal 85" x 96" quilt turned into a 79" x 107".  Check out the photo below!!  The fabric that we've included in both of our Carry Out kits will make either the same size borders or borders like I made.  Check them out here:  Carry Out Quilt Kit and Carry Out Geometric Quilt Kit.  (You can see a picture of the first Carry Out quilt in the previous post, it's the bright floral on the left in the pic of our booth in Minot.)

- Julie

(This blog was written by Julie about a week ago, but didn't have a picture.  We are posting this on her behalf while she's enjoying the sun in Arizona.  We're kind of jealous, but at least the weather has been really nice here too.  There may not even be any snow on the ground when Julie gets home.  Let's all cross our fingers!  -Holly and Katie)

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