Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Road tripping with Kaelly Studio

Before we get to our Minot adventure, it's time to release another pattern.  This one is meant to go with our "Fine Nines" fabric bundles.  Download our Nifty Nines pattern HERE.

We had the pleasure of attending the 20th Annual Minot Quilt Festival last weekend and what a hoot!!!  Seriously though, that was their theme this year "What a Hoot".  It was our very first quilt show with Kaelly Studio and the response couldn't have been better!

It is a 6 hour drive from where we live to Minot.  Thankfully the weather cooperated and we made good time (we even had time to stop at Hobby Lobby in Fargo on the way up).  We had the cutest back seat driver, Morton, tagging along on the trip.  He had the best seat in the house with his neck pillow and travel blanket.  We couldn't help but laugh on our way to Bismark...there were tractors and other farm implements cruising down the freeway.  We stopped in Washburn for gas and a snack and gasped when we stepped out of the car to find that it was warmer in northern North Dakota than it was in MN.

We got the booth set up in record time and enjoyed supper in the hotel restaurant.  We brought our swimsuits but couldn't even think about doing anything but crawling in bed.  Day one of our adventure proved to be exhausting.

Before we went to sleep it started snowing.  We woke up the next morning to find our car buried in a couple feet of snow.  Good thing the hotel had everything we needed.

The first day of the show was kind of slow because of the weather, but we had fun talking to the other vendors and meeting the ladies of the Minot Quilt Guild.  We even met the show mascot (well that's what I consider him), the owl!

We taught a class and our students LOVED making their Hoot Owl Towels using the Sizzix machine.

Kaelly Studio sponsored a quilt award for Best Innovative Design.  I wish I would have written down the story behind the quilt, but what I remember is a woman made this quilt for her daughter in-law who loves fashion design.  Each person, dress, and accessory is hand appliqued.

Sorry for the quality of this photo, we did our best.  Better pics in the future. :)
The second day of the show everyone was able to get out of the the snow drifts and make it to the show.  We talked with a lot of people about our pattern company and even got invited to present at a couple guild meetings.  We love traveling and teaching so we'll take any opportunity for it.

All weekend people were talking about the storm that was supposed to hit Minot on Sunday.  We had already planned to stay Sunday night if we had to, but the coordinators of the quilt show decided to close down at 1pm (instead of 3pm) so that the vendors could make it home safe.  We are SO thankful that they did this.  We were packed and left Minot before 2pm.  We were in front of the storm the whole way until we were about 30 miles from home.  We made it home safe and sound.  We hope that the other vendors, attendees, and organizers were safe too.  Thank you Minot Quilt Guild for inviting us to your festival and being our first show as Kaelly Studio.

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