Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quilt Story (and another free pattern)

We all have our favorite quilt, it could be one you made or one you've received as a gift. My favorite quilt is one made by my grandma, Marion Satterlie. I still remember the day she brought it to the house. She came in the house with three garbage bags, Yes garbage bags each with a quilt inside. She told my sisters and I we each could choose our quilt. I of course being the youngest got the leftover bag. As we began to open the bags my Grandma said "now these are nothing fancy, just created with some leftover scraps from my quilting projects" she then added "they are kind of like the ugliest quilt contest quilts".

When I opened my bag I found a beautiful quilt of many colors. Created with large strip cuts of fabrics sewn together. This quilt was perfect in my eyes! Even the perfect size! I could use it to cuddle up with on the couch and also use it on my bed.

This "ugliest quilt contest quilt" became my inspiration for creating the Carry Out pattern. A quilt the perfect size in my eyes created easily with large pieces of fabrics.

My intentions were to create this quilt for my daughter, Parker for her room.  I was showing the quilt to Parker, who is two years old.  I knew she approved when she saw it and said "Mommy my Twilt!".

While creating the Carry Out Pattern I decided I wanted the look of an inner border without having to measure and piece each border. Sewing on borders can become a little time consuming. My solution was to integrate the inner border into the four large block sections which make up the quilt. This way I only had to sew on the outer border using our sewing on borders technique. Check out our video on how we sew on all of our borders HERE.

The fabric used in Carry Out Floral Kit is from one of Katie and I's favorite designers, Tula Pink. I mixed two types of fabrics using traditional cotton quilting fabric and Voile fabric from her Birds and Bees line. I LOVE the feel of the Voile fabric it's almost like a silk feeling so soft to the touch! I had no trouble cutting or sewing with the Voile fabric, the only thing I suggest is to pin your fabrics when sewing them together.

I love the ease of creating the Carry Out pattern and I bet you have a few fabrics that are just too pretty to cut up! Find a few coordination fabrics and create your very own Carry Out quilt! You can use as little as 2 fabrics or up to 10 fabrics! Your creativity is endless!  OR you can purchase a kit of the fabrics we used HERE!


You can find our free pattern download for Carry Out HERE!

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