Saturday, April 19, 2014


"Living the life I've imagined" is the mantra that I tell people who ask me what I've been up to, have printed on my business cards and frankly, do every day of my life now!  I've had the awesome opportunity to share a couple of get-away's with my hubby,

Snowmobiling in the Snowy Mountain range in Wyoming

Couples Tower Isle Resort, Jamaica
Yep, this is the life! (my toes, hubby working the board!)

enjoy special family time,

Celebrating Easter early by hunting for eggs!

One excited little lady!

celebrate our daughter's upcoming wedding (to be held on our farm) with a bridal shower,

A Mrs. soon to be on June 7th!
 and just simply....being me!  I have sorely neglected my responsibility of keeping up with my blogging, but I'm making no excuses or apologizes.  After many years of working away from the farm and my home and owning a business, I realized that I needed some time to reflect on what my "imagined life" has turned into and what it means to me. What I have come to realize, is that I'm somewhat of a "retiree" in the fact that I can do things when I want for the most part.  I'm thrilled beyond words to know that I am available to assist on the farm when needed and have the ability to craft to my heart's content.  It will be my pleasure in the days, weeks, month and hopefully years ahead to share all that warm's my heart in 
"living that life I've imagined".

Have a blessed Easter!

~hugs~ Julie

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