Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School

Can you believe that summer is over?  Once again, the summer has gone by too fast!  The kids are back in school and fall will be upon us.  I remember those first school days, taking the pictures, crying when the oldest went off to school, cheering when the youngest went off to school  (I did cry when she graduated from high school so don't give me a bad time - okay?!? -  because she likes too!)

When our girls were in school, it was always fun to give their teachers gifts through out the year (bribery - never?!?).  We really were appreciative of them and just wanted them to know how much.  One of our blogger friends, Simply Kierste, has a really fun idea for a gift  for those awesome teachers in your children's lives.  We love Bath and Body foaming soaps (only kind I use!) and we wait until they have their sale - which is sweet! - buy 4 soaps for $15 or 6 for $20 - going on right now and we stock up!  Just like Simply Kierste, they make great gifts for anyone - here's our gift idea version.

My gift version - sorry for the coloring, still learning with my new camera - the colors really do match in real life!

Don't tell my friend that this is a little something for her new bathroom (that she has waited to do for a long, long time!)  I stamped a fun image that I had onto card stock, backed it with another piece of card stock, tied on a ribbon and tulle and "ta-dah"  - Simple, yet fun and usable.  (I hope she likes the Caribbean escape fragrance especially when she's been out in the field helping her farmer husband this fall - I know she'll need a "Calgon take me away" moment or two or three!)

Enjoy a moment yourselves today before the bus comes carrying your precious people back home....


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