Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Self Portrait

What to do with a large roll of butcher paper....hmmmm.....how about a drawing of yourself?  My granddaughter was helping us get ready for our garage sale and wanted to draw on the "big" paper.  Her aunt, Katie's idea bulb went off and she said "how about coloring a picture of you?"
Paper was not wide enough so they just taped two pieces together

 She had Parker lay down on the paper and she traced her body shape.
Lay still or you will have a strange body shape

 Parker than proceeded to color on clothes and create other things around herself like a sun and a butterfly.

 She was entertained for quite some time making her own self portrait.  Try it yourselves - don't have butcher paper - grab some freezer paper - that works too!
"It's me - I did it!" (do you like her purple fingernails?)
Happy Creating - Julie -

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