Thursday, May 23, 2013

Julie's other life!

It's about time that I shared about my home life.  I am happily married 32 years to a great guy who happens to be a farmer -   (I remember from my high school days saying I wasn't going to marry a farmer - but love bugs bite really hard!)  We raise corn and soybeans in west central Minnesota and are blessed to be living on the homestead of my husband's grandparents! (my hubby teases and said that his forefathers had wagon train issues and couldn't quite get to the very fertile and wide open spaces of the red river valley area so they put up stakes here! - we're only about 40 miles away!)  We had beef cattle many years ago.  We also owned and operated a custom harvesting business for 16 years, hence the reason we don't have beef cattle anymore.  We spent our summers working the wheat harvest from Oklahoma to home to North Dakota so it was hard to feed cattle when you weren't around everyday.  We relied very heavily on my in-laws to do the work for us but when you have animals it's important that you are around too because they get used to you and really are not interested in others.  Yes, they are kinda human like but sorry animal lovers, they are raised to eat and I like steak!  So about 11 years ago we decided to call home home for the whole year and went strictly to grain farming and haven't looked back.  It will be my pleasure and joy to share with you about our farming journey through photos and a bit of journaling as well.  One of my passions is scrapbooking and I learned to start with today and go back as time allowed so that's what I will do  - start with today and take a time travel back in future blogs.  In advance, I would like to say THANKS for reading about my family and our lives.  Enjoy with us - our passions!

Our Homestead!

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