Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Introducing the "El" in Kaelly Studio.

You have met Katie and Holly, the "Ka" and the "ly" in Kaelly Studio but who is the "el".  We briefly talk about "el" in our "meet us" video but it's time you really met "el".  She is Danielle and is the middle daughter of Julie - the matriarch - (the girls are laughing now) but that is correct!  She really has nothing to do with Kaelly Studio except of course she is one of us and no one gets left behind, so she gets to be a part of Kaelly by name.

HOWEVER, we are hoping that now she has graduated from RN school that she will maybe, if we twist her arm nicely, help us out from time to time.  We know for sure that she has always wanted to design cupcakes so we'll get her to share that fun with us in future issues!! For now, we are going to share her graduation.

Ka - el - ly (Katie, Danielle, Holly)

We are all so proud of her.  She worked full-time at the Douglas County hospital while attending school full-time.  Our hats are off to you "el".  You derserve all that life has to offer!  Oh yea, she has been hired at the same hospital in her new position as RN!  WooHoo!

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