Monday, December 2, 2013

Where are you?

Do you remember us?  It has been quite awhile since we've shared anything and that is totally my fault.  A big annoyance for me is when someone or someone's have a blog or website and they don't post on a regular basis.  I shouldn't say it's an annoyance really, it's more like..."where are you?" I follow many bloggers from all walks of life and when I don't see a new story for a long time I wonder and sometimes even worry about what has happened.  So now I have turned into one of those that I wonder myself  "where am I" Well, don't worry we are still here and we are working on a new concept of how to keep things fresh and interesting and to make sure that we are telling you about what we find intriguing in our everyday lives and what makes us tick, so to speak.

On this beautiful December morning here in Minnesota, we have received our first measurable snow fall, okay so it's only 1/2 inch but that is a measurement on a ruler - right?

December 2nd, first snow fall here on the farm!

Decorated tree in our living room.  Still need to find or create a pine bough door hanger...
We worked on decorating our home this past weekend.  My husband even helped.  Now that may seem like a "so", but for those of you who know my hubby, well, that's just say,  he's been called Scrooge or the Grinch.  I know that kid in him has that Christmas magic and every once in awhile it comes out and surprises even me!

Tree in the farm office decorated with red tractors (of course), corn lights and special ornaments (don't exactly fit on the tree but who cares, it's the meaning that counts for us!)
On Thanksgiving afternoon, my daughter, granddaughter, hubby and myself went out to the slough to get some evergreen boughs and red willow and birch branches.  The slough?, well it should have been the woods, but my hubby had already trimmed trees in our yard and put them out by the slough near our farm. So back in the pickup they went to be used for part, he never said a know why don't you......daughter and granddaughter were along on the idea!!!  (I've decided that if I want something done that he would think was kinda crazy, I'll just have them ask him! - works everytime! HAHA!)  Holly actually had the thought to use these items for outdoor decorating and I just jumped on her band wagon to make one too.  I saw one at a store that I really wanted, but......make my own.....hmmmm...

Store version for $$$

Our version - FREE?!?

What do you think of our creation - mostly FREE!  Actually the glittering spirals and lights were purchased, BUT last year on clearance, so I'll say FREE anyway!!   Time with family making these....PRICELESS!

I'll end with our loving thoughts of the upcoming holiday season and that you don't become too busy to enjoy this special time of the year!  (off to wrap presents....)

-Hugs - Julie

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