Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everyone needs a "stroll" shopping day!

 Along with dear friends, we took off for Hay Days (an outdoor vehicle sport show). As us girls left our hubbies at the show, we continued onward to check out the shops in Saint Croix Falls, Taylor Falls and Lindstrom. Now it's not that we're not interested in snowmobiling or ATVing, it's just that we were more excited about checking out some fun places that we had heard about and lucky for us, they were in the same area as the show.  Yeah!

The area along the Saint Croix River is very breathtaking with tall cliffs and rocks.  Believe it or not, my brain didn't think about photographing the scenery, I was more fixated on the shopping.  It is rare that I take the time to just "stroll shop" .  You know that kind of shopping where you don't have a list and you can just look, dream, relax and always find something you can't live without.  THIS was a stroll shopping day!

On our stroll, we found a gem and stone shop.  The shop was filled with many handmade jewelry pieces.  In another crafting life, that I led once upon a time, I had the idea to create jewelry pieces much like the ones in this shop.  Of course, that craft was put to the wayside because of who knows what, but it was refreshed again when I found a piece of stone that I could envision as a necklace, so guess're right......getting the tools out again because that stone came home with me.....besides it was on sale for only $10! could I resist!

I will post the finished project in.....aaahhmmm.......later (as my granddaughter says ALL THE TIME!)

One of the real missions for the day was to check out Picket Fence Gals in Lindstrom, MN.  Early this summer, my hubby and I spent a weekend in the same area (I'll write about it in a future post) and we came across this shop.  I'm not sure exactly how to describe this place, but antiques are for sale here along with many, I mean MANY other items that have been re-purposed.  They have some very interesting displays and clever ideas for the everyday items (some which I have already - oh no - not crafting again).

I couldn't leave without something and fortunately (for my checkbook) we didn't bring the pickup.  A small ladder caught my attention and was painted orange (one of my favorite colors, especially this time of year) so home with me it went. I'm going to sit it outside and place fall decorations on it.  Yep, you got it, posting that "later" too!

Since we felt a bit guilty (not really) for leaving our hubbies at the show gate and zooming off, we decided to head back to make sure that the checkbooks and/or credit cards weren't smoking.....oh yeah, we didn't bring the pickup...hee-hee!  Not being the greatest follower of GPS equipment (yes, I'm still old school, read a map!) we, meaning I, got us off in the wrong direction, but in my own defense, found the correct road, just in a different direction and low and behold, found another fun shop to tour (so there GPS you didn't know that I wanted to go there, did you?)

Back in the day, before the economy kind of put a halt on fun shopping, many smaller towns around Minnesota had some really neat shops to explore.  Sadly there aren't many of those shops left but a few held on and we were glad.  Carroll Creek  is one of those shops, my kind of primitive decor and gift items.

 9" witches broom - too cute!

$5 for a bunch of sticks, my hubby laughingly stated......I said yes, it was a bargain because sure I could make it but for some reason it never looks like it's suppose to and being the supportive shopper to a local crafter, I bought instead of made!!

I will place this sign in my kitchen window to be reminded of keeping it simple, simple, simple!!

We managed to get ourselves back to the show, find our hubbies, have a late lunch and even bought a new set of winter clothing....for me! (model show this winter).  The set I have now has lasted about 25 years.  So if I average out the price - yikes - that I had to pay to "look the part" it was another bargain for the day since I won't be needing one for another 25 years and I don't think they take assisted living people out to the mountains to ride snowmobiles, however.....that is 25 years from now so.....who knows!

Event goers checking out the latest and greatest in outdoor wear and driving.

ATV and snowmobile racing

Sno Barons snowmobile club purchased a farm just for Hay Days events.

Hubby, Randy and dear friends, Brent and Deb Johnson after a fun day, even in the rain

Enjoying another beautiful day here in west central Minnesota.


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