Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some of our favorites....

We are busy gearing up for our local Relay for Life event on Friday so we're going to share some of our favorite bloggers and let them tell you a story or two....

Our days are not complete if we haven't checked out what the Pioneer Woman has been up to lately.  We need to meet Ree Drummond because she's a rancher's wife and we're farmer's wives and daughters and we can compare notes! Yep, We like that idea! If you haven't heard she also hosts a cooking show on Food Network appropriately called The Pioneer Woman.  She has some super great recipes, uses real butter, Land o Lakes from Minnesota - good girl!!  ( For those of you who know about Millerville butter...well we're going to have to send her some to try because it's the real butter butter!!)

Another one of our favorites is  The Krazy Coupon Lady.  We are always on the hunt for a bargain or two or twelve (you get the picture).  The posts are unbelievable and happen many times a day.  We hate to say that we're addicted, but I think we are, we check this site a couple of times a day because we don't want to miss out on that elusive "SALE" or "BARGAIN" or better yet, "FREE"!!!  It is our mission that if we do get a freebie that is non-perishable that we place it in a box and when said box is full, out the door it goes to our local food shelf!  We challenge you to do the same!

We tend to read lots of farming blogs, but our two favorite are Minnesota Farm Living and About The Farmer's Life.  Minnesota Farm Living is written by Wanda, who with her husband raises corn, soybeans, and hogs in Southern Minnesota.  Her blog is much like ours in that she shares stories of her family, her passions, and information about the farm.  About The Farmer's Life is written by Brain, an Indiana farmer who also has a Bachelor's degree in Soil and Crop Management.  His blog is VERY informative and he even takes on the "tough farming questions".

These are just a few of our favorites.  We'll share more from time to time.  We hope they become your favorites too and tell them that we sent you!

Happy reading,

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