Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ag Bash 2013

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Grant County Fair in Herman, MN.  I remember as a kid going with my Grandpa and Grandma Evavold to the fair and thought it was so cool!  Now, as I walk around looking at the 4-H and open class exhibits and the midway with rides and games I have to chuckle a bit, not because it's a small fair but because it's like old school, just like I remembered it so many years ago. It's one of the few county fairs in the state that is free - meaning no charge to get in, no charge for parking. There have been a few changes to the county fair over the years and one of the major events celebrates agriculture in the area. (my apologizes in advance for the not so great photos, used my Iphone)

Is anything free anymore - Love this sign!

I did not see whose creation this was - so not sure if was a 4-Her or Open Class, BUT I love it!

Are they bunnies or chickens?

Beef and dairy barn - (I told you this fair is small) Open Concept!

Speaking of small, this was the cutest guy at the fair - a miniature pony - loved posing for pictures!

"Wait, take a picture of me too"

Open Class quilting - beautiful job Jody Brasel

Open Class - another stunning project by Jane Raths

As always weather has to threaten the  fair, but no wind or rain so festivities continued.

If you've never been to Ag Bash at the Grant County Fair you are missing out.  Ag Bash began 10 years ago by some enterprising fair board people who saw a need for the fair to continue as a "free fair".  It is an evening of food and fun.  The event is sponsored by local ag professionals whether they are equipment dealers, seed companies, insurance reps, etc.  The cost for this year was $40 a person which gets you a ticket for a door prize drawing, a great steak meal and a T-shirt.  There are also games and raffles played throughout the evening.  All monies raised through Ag Bash as used to repair buildings, create new buildings or areas and just plain keep the fair going.  We salute all you hard working fair people for your great ideas and your extreme support towards the future of the Grant County Fair!

We had a blast! THANKS!

P.S. The evening ends with the pig just had to be there....hee-hee!

Here they come out of the chute, first blue, no green, coming up right behind is red...

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